Why Choose An ElderCare Caregiver?

All of our applicants are interviewed extensively and are required to provide five references. ElderCare also conducts a background check and requires a medical evaluation before considering any applicant. Our clinical skills enable us to truly assess not only an applicant’s integrity, reliability, and competence, but also their dedication and commitment to meeting the needs of the aged. All ElderCare caregivers are gentle, kind, loving, and experienced individuals who respect the elderly and understand the importance of being compassionate.

Our Caregivers Specialize In

Personal Attentive Care

Whatever our clients’ needs are, our caregivers give loving attention to all of the details, big or small.


Forget washing and folding. Our senior home care services include doing laundry so you can check off one more thing on your list.

Light Housekeeping

Doing the daily clean-up around the home can get exhausting. That’s why our caregivers will tend to the home and keep things tidy and clutter-free.


Let our caregivers take the wheel. We can drive our seniors anywhere from doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, social engagements and more.

Meal Preparation & Clean Up

No more worrying about dishes piling up, or just opting for whatever meal is the easiest. Our caregivers can prepare meals and make sure no mess is left behind.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Assistance

For those needing PT or OT Assistance, our caregivers can help seniors when they need it the most by following the protocols provided by the physical therapist and/or occupational therapist.

Mobility Assistance

For seniors that need a higher level of mobility care, we can assist at all times. Our caregivers work with many seniors that need a little extra hand to balance or be pushed in a wheelchair.


Our in-home health care options also include shopping for essentials. We understand that making trips in and out of the house can be challenging, and that’s why our caregivers handle it for you.

Daily Medication Reminders

Never worry about missing a medication again!

Providing Genuine Companionship & Friendship

At ElderCare, we only work with caregivers who genuinely love their jobs. This allows us to provide a true connection and companionship with each and every one of our clients.

Escort/ Travel to Medical Appointments

We can handle everything from driving to accompanying our seniors to any and all medical appointments.

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